Let us introduce ourselves, Vertical Web Design is a full-service eCommerce & Digital Marketing agency with several years of experience made up of industry experts who love what they do, maybe a bit too much. VWD is a brand-driven agency focused on one thing – Providing exceptional services to our clients. It’s what we do. We deliver our solutions through: Brand, Design, Outreach, Optimization and Education with quality and creativity at the core of every project.


Connecting is important, especially when working online. We will be sure to make ourselves available when you need us.


Our mission is to that are elegant and easy to navigate. Fluidity is key and we are aimlessly striving to create designs that reflect your brand image.


We always use coding that will ensure safety to your site. Copying and pasting are never an option.

Our Services

Companies look to us for solutions to branding, eCommerce website design, manufacturing, logistics recommendations and everything else in between. Our focus is to create high-quality content that reaches a target audience on and offline as well as bringing companies into the digital age. Our vision and approach helps position companies as influencers and innovative leaders in their space. We have gained key insights from our experience working with micro start-ups all the way through global brand leaders on projects across multiple industries. These insights allow us to help our clients evolve, enhance and accelerate results whether they are a small businesses or multi-million dollar brands.


Whether it is a brochure for a meeting, banner graphics, or a simple “Thank You” card make sure you leave a lasting professional image with our original designs that are tailored to your brand.


Our skilled and knowledgeable mobile designers construct modern and professional mobile application designs


Our software engineers collaborate with our web designers to craft a site that incorporates all of your written and visual content into one beautiful design.


Branding and designing companies or personal logos is where we excel. A brand is the beginning of something that has the potential for making its mark in the world, and to be part of it would be an honor!

eCommerce Services

The online marketplace is the wave of the future! Amazon has changed the game and is driving millions of customers to their computer for shopping instead of store fronts. Businesses are reporting massive growth online away from brick and mortar stores. VWD offers a full range of services to help you start and grow your eCommerce business.

  • Product Research!
  • Establishment of Manufacturing Resources!
  • eCommerce platform establishment (Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc)!
  • Listing Optimization!
  • Marketing including Facebook, Google Adwords, Amazon PPC & More!



By focusing on the necessary elements, we avoid cluttered design flaws and create relevance within your site.


Provide purpose to every click or swipe for smooth transitions in both navigational and interactive perspectives


Crafting visually appealing and memorable designs by combining both text and images that impact its users


Designs aimed at developing optimal viewing and interaction experience on a variety devices


Vertical Web Designs were a pleasure to work with. For a Non-Profit start up we were unsure how exactly to get started and VWD guided us extremely well. I highly recommend them!
David Piete - Development & Outreach H.E.L.P Missions



Vertical Web Design consists of a close-knit team dedicated to bringing your ideas alive and overcoming challenges. We are based out of New York City, Boston & Missouri. We have worked with people all over the world. The amazing thing about working in the digital space is the access we have to all of our clients no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not going to sit here and try to sell you on our company and why you should choose us. We trust the fact that we develop an excellent relationship with everyone we work with, we are accountable and reliable which means you will not only leave with a beautiful result but also with the confidence of knowing you worked with a team who was dedicated to you. We have brought together a team of individuals that specialize in Graphic Design, Web Design, Software Development, eCommerce Sales, Logistics, SEO & Marketing. We trust our staff and know you will too!

Our Featured Work

We present to you a short collection of some of our most recent projects. Here you will be able to see a different array of things we have worked on that showcase our ability to mold to what the client wants without sacrificing quality. All of our clients are different and therefore no project is the same, so our goal is to bring a certain uniqueness and personality to everything we work on. All of these projects below are mobile and people friendly, so take a look and see what we’re capable of.


Take a look at our rates for eCommerce Consulting packages. No client is to big or small!


Vertical Web Design specializes in numerous custom projects. We provide high-end designs for every situation. We are able to streamline our process to maximize current trends in web design. This allows your company to harvest emails, connect with clients and use top of the line applications that make your website one of a kind. We ensure every design we create is user-friendly, search engine optimized, mobile-friendly and incredibly beautiful.


The founders of Vertical Web Design have extensive eCommerce backgrounds. All of them have had successful eCommerce businesses and one even has over 10,000 students on Udemy.com! So, when it comes to helping assisting you with product selection, pay per click optimization, Facebook and Google ads, we are here to help you. Get ready to transform your business into a multi-tiered financial outlet!


Everyone working with a startup company needs to maximize the way they spend their money. That is why VWD has brought members of our team together who specialize in marketing. We employ people who have extensive marketing backgrounds that have worked for worldwide organizations. They know how to maximize a small business budget and put your money to work for you. They will transform your social media presence and help you create ad campaigns that will keep customers coming back for years to come!


With our complete consulting package we maximize your revenues and mitigate expenses. We are a one stop shop for all small business solutions and our goal is to not only help grow, but streamline and expand small businesses. We assist growth by giving you a state of the art website, search engine optimization, and the best social media practices.


We’re always looking forward to hearing from you, whether it’s to say hello or to finding the best service for you